NNFL Research Paper Assignment

  • There are a list of 80 papers updated on this website
  • You can search for papers, or view them by category, based on the tags assigned to each paper
  • Each paper has an ID and a difficulty level mentioned with it
  • You need to form of groups of 3 people for this assignment
  • One paper can be allotted only to one group

What is to be done

  • Once your group is formed, go through the list of papers
  • Choose your top 5 preferences
  • Harder papers will be graded a bit more leniently, but they will be tougher to implement. So choose carefully
  • We will email a form on 31st October at 5 pm
  • You will have to fill the names and IDs of your group (only one member needs to do this), and your 5 paper preferences (paper IDs)
  • Since it is first come first serve, fill the form as early as possible to get your desired paper

Evaluative components

  • Each group will be allotted a TA after the papers are finalised (by 1st Nov EOD)
  • Seek guidance/consultation from allotted TA without any hesitation.
  • The first interaction-cum-evaluation will be held tentatively on 6-7th Nov.
  • It would be based upon the questions and doubts you raise, understanding you exhibit and your answers to simple questions posed orally by the TAs. [10/60 M]
  • The second evaluation will be tentatively on 23-24th Nov. In this meet, the group members will have to make a presentation, and also display their implementation of the paper. The second meet will also contain a short quiz to test your understanding of the paper. [ 10M quiz+10 M (progress of work)]
  • Since the code for most papers is available online, you are free to use it. But, for evaluation, you will also need to show extra results and graphs, that are not part of the author’s code. (This is subjective, so the respective TA will mail you with further instructions)
  • Within 1-2 days of second evaluation, you would have to mail your presentation and implementation to Surekha Maam and Bijoy Sir for further evaluation. We will be announcing details of the presentation.
  • Every member of the group should be knowing the whole implementation, answers of this type” 1. I did coding of part A, I do not know about other parts of the program, 2. I prepared slides only” would not be acceptable.